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upside down

April 6, 2009
By bittersweet_1979 GOLD, Lake Villa, Illinois
bittersweet_1979 GOLD, Lake Villa, Illinois
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Have you ever felt so confused? Maybe maladroit, and immensely depressed? Well, have you ever felt so stained, and just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, something strongly belittling happens, and you sit with a smile on your face, and laugh? Turning the worst upside down is one topic on my mind. Thinking “One cannot have well without bad” is one way of thinking “One cannot keep the bad with out good”. Training your mind to think of malarkey when certain situations come to its boiling point is a good coping skill also.

The mind is the most confusing piece of information I know of, taming it would be the hardest thing to do among living. To train your mind, you would have to be focused and knowledgeable about your surroundings. Turing the worst to the best in a matter of seconds might seem hard, but with practice, it will be effortless. Think of an awful of your past, now, think of one fraction that was considered to be so dim-witted, that you had to have just laughed at the thought. Try to rethink the memory during unpleasant times. It’s funny how people remember the most bizarre items from their recollection.

Other than reminiscence, changing the matter of the situation is another way to turn things upside down. For example, something as little as chipping a tooth can turn into something positive. “Man, I broke my tooth, but at least now I won’t have problems with chewing anymore.” When vast problems arise, this mechanism can still be used. “My computer has a virus! I guess its ok, ill have to go to the library, but I should be getting books anyway.” It might be cheesy, but again, practice makes perfect!

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