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   Eighteen-year-old Golden Glove Boxing Champion Shannon Gunville is a junior in high school.

Who inspired you to start boxing?

Actually, me, because my family was involved in boxing when they were younger. My father had a lot of faith in me after I boxed for the first time.

Who taught you how to box?

My father and my family were always trying to box with me and show me the moves.

What is your daily training?

I start with stretches, then run three to four miles. Then I go to the bags and do my daily routine. I spar three rounds with my dad or other guys who are there to train. Then I go play a little basketball or sit in the sauna.

What is the best thing about boxing?

I like the father-daughter relationship we have because of boxing, and the traveling. I also like meeting new people and the feeling that runs through my body when I win.

How do you feel in the ring?

Very nervous, jumpy; I get butterflies. Everything runs through my head about my opponent; I concentrate on what I have to do to beat her in the rounds.

Can you explain your first fight?

I really didn't know what I was doing, so there were many feelings. I just had to try not to get hit. She was a lot bigger than I was, which was really scary. After the fight, I had a weird feeling in my body from not running enough.

What kind of competition do you have?

Very hard, because the girls are bigger than I am. They have to go out of state to find my size. My weight class has complications because I can never find anyone my size. They are more aggressive and quicker.

What achievements have you accomplished?

Two of my goals: winning the Golden Glove Champion title and

losing weight.

What is your current record?

It's five wins and one loss. I won my first two matches, lost my third match and won the last three.

Have any national magazines ever recognized you?

Yes, I have been written up by Jump magazine and USA Today for boxing and basketball.

What are your future goals?

I want to go to college to get a degree in athletic training or coaching. If I don't get a full scholarship for basketball, then I plan to go pro in boxing to pay for college.

Have you seriously thought about going pro?

Yes, because I have to help my family with money. I want to be able to get my parents and my grandma what they need and want. I want to help my brothers and sisters with their schooling.

How do you feel about being the Golden Glove Champion?

It's one of the greatest feelings I've ever had in my whole life. I feel great because I have accomplished one of my main goals in boxing. I feel I am carrying on a tradition, because my father and uncle were also named Golden Glove Champions.

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