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Teachers Who Can and Do Make A Difference

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Teachers are very important people, but they never seem to get much recognition. A teacher of mine who has made such an impact on me, is Mrs. Vikki Kattner.

She relates well with her students and knows how some of us teenagers think and how we learn. She has a great way of teaching and showing us in a way that will be best for us to learn. She is also there if we ever need to just talk. If someone is having something going on in their life. Mrs. Kattner is a very special teacher. She just has a way of getting her point across and the lesson that she is teaching.

Mrs. Kattner deserves so much for her hard work, and being able just to teach teenagers. She is always willing to do what is needed to help her students learn and become successful. Mrs. Kattner is an amazing person and teacher.

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