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My Educator of the Year

October 24, 2008
By Anonymous

Every year you get new teachers. No one wants boring teachers

all year long . Students don’t want to spend a year in a dull, unexciting

and uninteresting class. I want learning to be fun so we can enjoy it. I

have fun ,get excited, and get interested in learning when I go to my

science class . That’s why I nominate Ms.Charnessa grace for the ‘Teen

Ink Educator of the Year contest.

Ms. Grace’s teaching style is unique and creative .Ms .grace is

known to teach on a collegic level. Ms.Grace and her students enjoy

hands on activities .In ms Grace ‘s class we do labs, group work, real

world applications ands research . Ms .grace‘s students describe her

class and teaching style as fun ,informative, kinesthic ,engaging and


Ms .Grace does a lot for all of it students .Each morning she

greets each student with a smile .She believes that every student is her

student whether she teaches them or not .She spends time and her own

money on her students .She treats her students as if they were

family .No one can never forget Ms.Grace , I know I wont !

Ms .Grace spends a lot of time helping with other activities that

involve the school.4H environmental science club is one of Ms. Grace ‘s

past times .She is the Zoo Atlanta coordinator for the entire school and

she also helps with our male and female basketball team .She even find

time to mentor students .

In conclusion ,I believe that Ms.Charnessa Grace

should be the Teen Ink Educator of the Year because of her sincere and

extensive love for kids .She shows her love for kids in one word

“Encouragement ’’ .Encouragement helps everyone feel good about

themselves .Ms.Grace is simply a ‘Forever’ teacher. She’s a teacher you

can never forget and will remember forever .

The author's comments:
the reason i wrote this paper is becasue i would like to let my teacher know that i want to give her encouragement because thats what she gives me.the picture i picked is a symbol of the gental and important love my educator has for your students

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