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An Inspirational Person To The Heart

October 27, 2008
By thechdu SILVER, Bronx, New York
thechdu SILVER, Bronx, New York
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An inspiring art teacher, Ms. Mota should be educator of year. She keeps her word. She always has time to help her students. She fights for what she wants. Ms. Mota does many things that are inspiring to all.

Ms. Mota is one of the first teachers, and especially art teachers, who have kept their word. A student is disruptive for many days; needs to go to another classroom, she actually gets them out of the class. She’s not one of the teachers who are unfair with saying “You’re going to get kicked out of my class if you keep up with this behavior”, and then doesn’t do anything about it. She makes sure if others want to be here, they are here without students who want to be disruptive. If you like art, and want to enjoy it, she will let you because of the actions she takes.

She helps everyone at any time. I do not know how she does it, but Ms .Mota will answer a student’s question at any time of the day. In class, if a student has a question, she gets to all her students within the forty-eight minutes of class. During classes, even if you are not in that particular class at the time but have a question or need certain supplies,
she will help you out. With this said, she still always gets to all her students in the class she has at the time as well. She never ignores any of her students. If she is working with someone, then it might seem like it, but she is not. When she is done with one student, she goes to the next student. I rarely ever heard her say, “Hold on, I have to get to this student first.” Some of our projects are very difficult, especially being a senior as an art major, but if we need help, Ms. Mota is always there

Talking about projects, they take many materials to create such a thing. We need paper, different mixed medias such as pencils, paint, clay…etc. This art teacher stands up for what she wants to help her classes. She wants her students to pass, so she fights for materials. No! Of course not literally fighting with hands, but by using strong words. The school did not provide her with many materials, so she brought so many items herself. Any donations people give her, she brings in for her students. She wants us to know how to use these materials, and grow as artist. She wants us to grow as young adults who have fun with art; not make art seem like a chore.

Ms.Mota is such an inspiration to me. I want to go into the field of teaching art for little kids, and she helped bring that into my life more. I feel encouraged that I can be an art teacher. Even though I am not too good at new projects, I feel that I can learn more, and teach kindergarteners how to draw as well she has taught me to this point. I look up to her because I want to be that role model, who makes children and teens happy when they found out that they could draw.

The author's comments:
Ms.Mota is such an inspiration, and this inspiration i never felt before. I was thinking about not going into the feild of art as a career in the future, btu she changed that around.

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