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Mr. Williamson

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

To me, the best teachers aren’t the ones who can teach using guidelines or subject books and drill it into your head with various boring techniques. The best teachers are the ones who can stand and teach for the whole forty minutes of class and keep your undivided attention. Mr. Williamson can do this better than any teacher I’ve ever had. Mr. Williamson taught a fun and fascinating history class by sliding in jokes or telling hilarious stories about college or his family. Although we almost never spent the entire class listening to Mr. Williamson lecture, during every minute in his class we learned something. Whether it was important to history or important to life, he had an amazing way of teaching us. During the day, U.S. history was the only class I actually looked forward to going to.
Mr. Williamson, a U.S. history teacher, has a way of making class fun no matter how hard or boring the subject. Everyday, we studied a new topic or part of a subject and listened to Mr. Williamson make jokes and puns about that days learning goal. There was almost never homework and there where very few quizzes and tests. However, in those forty minutes, Mr. Williamson made history stick, either by incorporating life stories or having great PowerPoints that explained all the things we had to learn in an easy to remember way.
During my semester in Mr. Williamson’s class, I never had to study long for a test and the only homework I ever had was an essay, which he gave the class nearly a month to do. I got an A on everything without ever studying for a long time, because all of the things we talked about in his class just stuck. I don’t know how he makes learning so easy and fun, but it made me get the first A I have ever gotten in any class besides gym.
Mr. Williamson is like the class clown of his own class. His humor made school enjoyable and worthwhile. It is not just because of his class, but because of his great teaching that has helped me establish my favorite subject. After only a semester in his class, it is my dream to go to college and be a teacher and try to be as great a teacher as he is, though it seems like an impossible feat for anyone.

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