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Cindy Frohmader

November 17, 2008
By Carl Moderson BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Carl Moderson BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Classes in high school are different than middle school and sometimes it can be awkward. Not if you Have Ms. Frohmader. Her teaching style is laid back, so it’s easy to transition to high school and get adjusted. She had this thing that we’d do on our tests; she would say a category before we would start, like, “if you had a million dollars what would you spend it on?” Or “if you could have a date with any celebrity who would it be?” and then after you finish your test you write the answer to the question on the back and after everyone was done we would share, so it was a way to get to know people.
She’s also funny, I still remember the first thing she said to my class, “I just had a huge cup of coffee so I’m kinda crazy right now!” And she would let us tell stories sometimes in class, just to liven things up so people, including her, wouldn’t be uptight. But when it came to teaching, she still made sure everyone knew what was going on; whereas, some teachers who’s classes are enjoyable and fun to be in, all that fun detracts from the material you learn in their class, but her class is the only English class in my time here that I’ve received an A in. A part of people doing well in her class is that people would always have their work in on time. The reason for this is that she doesn’t get mad, she doesn’t yell, she talks as if she is disappointed in you, which she is, and it makes you feel terrible, so you’d work extra hard to make sure you don’t have late assignments. Also she would let me and my friend chill in her room during one of our study halls when she didn’t have a class, and we’d hangout instead of being in silent study hall. But also, if we had questions about our assignments, she was there to give us a hand.
Not only does Ms. Frohmader make class enjoyable to be in, but she makes sure everyone does well. Ms. Froh’s class is like a headlining band; it’s that one class during the day you just can’t wait to get to.

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