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Mr. Varrelmann

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

There is one class I look forward to every day: autos Mr. Varrelmann. Talking autos is like reading a book every student can understand. Since not every student knows the same amount of information about autos, Mr. Varrelmann teaches everyone. Whether it is the advanced kids or beginner kids, every one comes out learning the same amount. Mr. Varrelmann not only teaches his students well, but he keeps the kids interested in the class. Such as he has a way of showing combustion by shooting a tennis ball out of a tube, there is no way any student can forget seeing a tennis ball bounce ceiling to floor and over and over again. Mr. Varrelmann always relates to the kids in his class. I we have problems, he helps us out. Mr. Varrelmann also is a great jokester. He always jokes around and likes to have fun with his classes.
Mr. Varrelmann not only teaches autos, but he also helps out at sporting events like the chain gang for football, and he also runs the automotive compotation team witch competes all over the state. The auto team has won many years since Mr. Varrelmann has been here. Mr. Varrelmann also helps other teachers out when they have problems with there cars, or he teaches his students how to handle the situation and what needs to be done to fix the car.
That is why I believe Mr. Varrelmann is the best teacher ever. Since not only is he a talking autos book that every student can understand. But he also is the person the teachers can come to when they need help with their car related problems. He will be sure to help them in any way possible, and if he doesn’t have the answer, he knows who will have the answer.

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