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teacher of the year

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

I have had a couple of cool teachers since I’ve been in school. Only one stands out more than others though. That teacher is Mr. Anderson. He was my eight grade English teacher. He was very into the stuff he taught us. He would make more exciting than it really was.

I remember when he made a deal with us to play hacky sack if all our work was done. Every day he would play with us. And he was actually really good. He told us he learned how to play hacky sack when he and his brother were waiting for a train in the station.

He was the kind of teacher that really did care about their students succeeding in his class. Like one time when he wanted us to write a free verse poem, I told him that I cant and he asked why, and I responded by telling him I couldn’t because I was Mexican. And even though I was kidding, he told me that’s not a good reason and that there were many Mexican poets. Then the next day I came to class and he had a list of Mexican poets, and told me I could do it if they could. So I learned how to write a free verse that day.

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