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The Outstanding English Teacher

January 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Mr. Hoetker is such an awesome teacher. He is very funny. I heard from some 8th graders on how funny and such a good friend Mr. Hoetker was. I knew that this would be an awesome year it would be with Mr. Hoetker as an English teacher. He has dirty blond hair and is slightly tall. He is very stylish in very many different ways. Sometimes he wears various ties with things like the Peanuts and other weird things.

He does so much goofy things like playing STAR WARS bingo and how ever won had to go and challenge Darth Hoekter or Mr. Hoekter with a lightsaber. I got to challenge him, when I got up there; I won, just like that. He is also on YouTube ®, he is known as M.C Hoekter.

He is very serious when it comes to work, games and directions. He is an amazing teacher and is always a good friend to all of us.

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