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World, History, Culture

January 26, 2009
By Anonymous

He spins me around and around and around. I feel very dizzy. Stop. “Point to the Sahara Desert,” he told me. My eyes closed I get a piece of candy. That was so easy. When I sit down I look at a man with a mustache and beard that is orange, kind of. His name is Mr. Jenne. He is always funny, inventive, and teaches us many things.

Every time I walk into World Studies I expect to start writing our journal questions and wait for Mr. Jenne to teach. Today there are no journal questions. It is Cs or better movie day. Mr. Jenne is going with us. When I sit in the movie theater Mr. Jenne comes by. He sees kids messing around and says, “Maybe I should sit here.” “No!” yells a couple of people. He continues on what he was doing.

Mr. Jenne is firm, but fair. He knows what he is doing. Back at school we start to get back to normal. Ready, set, focus! We need to work on cultures and the Middle East. We also learn about China. I think the most interesting part of it all is learning about the history of it all. Mr. Jenne makes it seem so easy. I like when we watch videos about the world, history, and culture.

The work is pretty easy. Most of it we watch videos and do worksheets. We go over it anyway. Mr. Jenne always tells us that there is no reason why we shouldn’t have our work done. I always get my work done the day we get it. Mr. Jenne is very proud. I remember when I turned in my paper late because I forgot about. He gave me full credit because I work really hard. He is very reasonable.

Mr. Jenne is an amazing teacher. He is always positive, assertive, honest, and tells it like it is. I can not wait to find out what we might be doing next. It is always interesting. Maybe he will let us choose.

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