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Its 11:11

January 27, 2009
By Holly Williams BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
Holly Williams BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Two quotes come to mind when it comes to my best educator, Mr. Eiguren. My seventh grade math teacher at South Junior High.

The first one by Lucille Ball ?The secret to staying young is live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.? This quotes desribes him because he insists that he 24 and not 36. He implies learning, fun and tons of laughs all in one period. I really don?t know how he does it.

The second quotes is by Jay Leno ? You cant stay mad at someone who makes you laugh.? Which in this case is true he always lets me yell ITS 11:11 really loud and he tells us to make a wish but sometimes he doesn?t like it and tells me to be quiet and get back to work. That another good quality about Mr. Eiguren he?s fun but when necessary can be strict which I like about teachers otherwise it would be totally boring or totally out of control.

Mr. Eiguren is my best educator because between laughing, loving, and lieing put it all together and you get one wickedly awesome teacher. Though life is short the whole world should be filled with people like Mr. Eiguren, but its not so I?ll just have do deal with the people that are. That is why I nominate Mr. Tony Eiguren for educator of year.

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