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Teacher and Friend

January 29, 2009
╘Nastalzia╘ SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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My name is Nastalzia, and I go to Junior High. While I've been here the teacher that has been my favorite, and has inspired me the most is my Reading teacher. Her name is Mrs. Bender. She has short blonde hair, and she is kind of short herself. She is the most amazing teacher in here.

A lot of people think she is a bitter and mean. If you got to know Mrs. Bender you would probably connect with her. A lot of teachers will hide their feelings that aren't school related. If you came up with to her with her with your feelings she would tell you if she was feeling the same, or she would give you personal advice. She cares about everyone that is in and out of her class. She's an awesome teacher.

Mrs. Bender is always great support. This one time we had to do a children's book for English. I didn't have it done the day it was due, so I got scared and cried. She let me express my emotions right in front of her. She told me to hold my head up straight, and just tell him the truth. That advice and support made me as a person feel good.

Mrs. Bender doesn't just teach reading, she also teaches a group called Builders Club. She came up with it all by herself, and she lets anyone in. She is a great club teacher. We get to make a dance called the Mardi Gras Dance, and we get to set it up how we want. Are dance got moved from after school to during school, so we were all bummed. Mrs. Bender brought out the good stuff about it. That's why I think she is a great teacher.

Can you see that she is a great teacher? Well she is a great teacher. All these reasons are why I nominate Mrs. Bender for the Educator of the Year award. Please think about all these things when you pick Educator of the Year.

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