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Ms. Tamara Collins of North Lincoln High School, Lincolnton NC

March 19, 2009
By Zachary Wisham BRONZE, Denver, North Carolina
Zachary Wisham BRONZE, Denver, North Carolina
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As class for first semester was gearing up so was Señora Collins of North Lincoln High School. With her exceptional teaching tactics and willing to make sure every one learns, she begins another semester of teaching. In the opinion of many in the class, her strive for teaching is exception as she uses many different methods of teaching such as flash cards, drawings of monsters, making colorful names tags that highlight our Spanish names and even learning through poems and songs. Even though there was an occasional assignment in the text book, it was for our better-ment.

Every morning started off with an “Ahorita” (Warm Up) that reviewd the material learned the day before and after every Ahorita Ms.Collins would give a wonderful lesson on something new using a new strategy every time that made sure to suit every student. Ms.Collins would cater to any questions that should have arose and made sure that they were adequately explained.

Not everything about Ms.Collins is strictly educational, she also makes students feel welcomed into her class every day and celebrates important days with students (Birthdays, Day of the Dead, Christmas, etc.). Ms. Collins also is always there for any student who is feeling down and depressed.

It is her very dedication and attentivness that has influenced me to become a high school Spanish teacher when I graduate from college and is why I have nominated her for “Teen Ink” Educator of the Year.

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