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Mr. Budzien

April 3, 2009
By Tera Roeker SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Tera Roeker SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Last year, as I walked in the halls enjoying a free ice cream sandwich I received in the cafeteria, I noticed a small, scrawny man walking towards me. Seemingly interested in my treat, I told him about the free ice cream. Without responding, a huge grin stretched across his face as he jumped in the air, pumped his fists and screamed, “free ice cream!” With his hands waving above his head, he began dodging students, skipping towards the cafeteria with his hands on his hips. This unexpected response caught me by surprise, and with a chuckle, I continued walking to class. I later found this man was Mr. Budzien, and AP English teacher.

Between my first impression of Mr. Bud and the stories I heard about the seemingly intimidating essays and poetry packet, I entered the first day of class and not knowing what to expect. However, after the first minute of class, I knew his would be my favorite. Mr. Bud stood in front of the class and gave me a glimpse of a man who clearly loves his job.

In other classes, we spent 30 minutes reviewing a lengthy syllabus and then jumping into material. But this was not the case in AP English. For the entire week, Mr. Bud spent time getting to know every student individually. He went around the room asking each student an interest and fear, spending at least five minutes on each student. He genuinely cared for each of us, and wanted to initiate a personal relationship. I knew he would not only be my teacher, but my friend as well.

A novel could be written about his endless antics and quips. Some of the days in class, however, I am certain I will never forget. Tears of laughter rolled down my face as Mr. Bud performed his “how to be a good student” skit complete with props. The kitty cat folders and skull notebooks demonstrated the importance of organization. Launching high fiber bars and apples into the class, Mr. Bud communicated the importance of a healthy digestive tract. I do not know any teacher who would sacrifice his body in a slapstick rendition of Spider-Man. Unfortunately, as Mr. Bud threw himself himself off of the desk while whaling, “Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Does whatever a spider can,” he miscalculated his jump, rendering bruises and pain.

Just when I thought his class would be a continuous comedy routine, Mr. Bud revealed the depth of his character. As we sat in the dark silence, his showed the class a power pointfilled with inspirational messages. That day solidified my appreciation for him as a remarkable man. As goose bumps rose on my skin, I realized there was much more behind Mr. Bud than being a comic. He understands kids’ emotions and motivations.

Mr. Bud is the most dedicated and encouraging teacher I have ever come across. He transformed my writing through his comprehensive evaluations. His strict enforcement of perfection provided the impetus for my growth as a writer.

Although I do not have Mr. Bud this semester, I regularly find myself visiting his room to simply talk. Mr. Bud is a role model for me, as he clearly comes from a place of joy and love. His infectious smile reveals a tremendous person who I respect for his devotion, honesty, and sincerity. He encourages me to live through my true self and have confidence in stretching my limits. I am truly grateful for Mr. Bud.

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