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My Savior

September 25, 2007
By Anonymous

My Savior

Too many people, she is a hero, a beauty, or to many she is a mother. She has been disrespected, spat on, and stomped on, just because of whom she is and where she stands. Even though many people hate her, she still stands where she is to take on another day.
As many people that disrespect her there is also many the respect her. She has been loved, cherished, and respected like a queen, for the same things people hate her for. They give her credit for her help she has given them.
She has seen many people die right before her eyes, as if she was a soldier in war. She has also seen many violent acts, in which she could not help but let them happen. Bang, Bang, Bang, is what she hears every night followed by police sirens.
Her eyes have seen many people leave her and become better than her. But then at the same time others come into her arms to take their place. She has never rejected one person and will be there for anyone that ever needs a place to stay.
This beautiful thing is a mother, savior, and friend to me. She has practically raised me to be the person I am today. Even though many people say she is bad, I will always stand where she stands. She will never leave me or anyone else behind to suffer, and I will never leave her. She is who you could run to when you need help, even though it is no guarantee that she is safe. She is what many people fear and what many people love; she is what many call, “The Ghetto”.

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