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Where’d my Hero go?

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Where’d my Hero go?
A hero is someone who shows courage and bravery and risks their own life to save another person or someone that fights for a cause that they believe can help people in need. It seems in our world today that this “hero” is MIA. In today’s everyday life, people seem to be too focused on themselves to even realize when someone needs help. The meaning of a hero is gradually changing, people we see as heroes are showing their true colors, and the reasons that are causing these changes are very simple.
The meaning of a hero is someone who changes the world for the better whether that is by saving someone’s live while risking their own or solving a problem within a community or country. A hero could be considered someone like George Washington who saved many people from the English and also improved the United States government when our country first began. Another hero could be my Uncle Doug because a couple years ago, he saved a man from a burning car. Seconds after he pulled the man from the car, it exploded. He came out of this ordeal with severely burned hands but he had saved the man’s life because my uncle had made that man his first priority and had put himself second. Oprah Winfrey in many peoples’ eyes is also a hero because of all the things she gives to the young children in Africa who have close to nothing. She supplies them with shoes and clothing that these kids may have never had. She uses her own money to make sure that she makes a difference in these kid’s lives where most people would act as though these kids didn’t even exist. These heroes began as everyday people and became heroes because of the decisions they made to help someone else out. Other people claim to be heroes but they are far from it.
Tara Connors was a hero in many young people’s lives whether they were pageant girls or girls who just wanted to be like Tara. Connors became Miss USA in 2006 with many people supporting her and cheering her on. Her supporters agreed with the changes that Connors was promising to try to change and they wanted to she her achieve her goals. Even with all of the support and love, Tara Connor got involved with illegal drugs and alcohol. The young girls who looked up to Tara were now seeing that she was doing things that were far from right. This hero was supposed to be a positive influence but now she was showing that she was just the opposite. Many people that preteens or teens see as role models are continuing to let us down. The reasons for these changes within the people that we see as our heroes are very simple to understand.
The people that we see as heroes that are famous and that are making a lot of money continue to be the people that show us that they may not be able to handle being in that position. Many of them like Britney Spears and Michael Vick have shown that they are nowhere close to the people that we should associate as heroes. Whether it’s because of the fame or the money, or self confidence in general, something has got to change because the young people that look up to these “heroes” are getting the wrong image. Instead of them promoting good behavior, they are promoting terrible decisions and actions. The true heroes that are in our community that haven’t been corrupted by popularity are the right people to learn and grow from.
A hero is not selfish or a bad influence, they are brave and a great role model. It seems that in these days, the standards of a hero have become more and more trashy. The people that haven’t been corrupted by money and fame and that haven’t shown that they are a bad influence are the people that we should consider as heroes. They don’t have to be life savers but they do have to be respectful of the people that look up to them and also themselves. Once a “hero” goes past this line, they can never change how people view them and their bad decisions can’t be forgotten.

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