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My grandma is the glue

November 24, 2007
By Anonymous

Margaret said it was a very happy day when she and her husband received the call to serve as house parents for a boarding house in Nigeria. This was the missionary opportunity Margaret and Paul had been anxiously awaiting. So the couple loaded up their six children and trekked across the Atlantic Ocean for the next five and a half years. Moving six children to Africa in the mid 1960’s was only one of the many testaments of faith Margaret has shown during her eighty years. I am proud to say that Margaret is my grandmother and I love her for more than her chocolate chip cookies. She has the strongest faith of anyone I have ever met in all my years of sitting in church services. She lives her life in peace and comfort because of her daily commitment to follow God’s will and trust in him above all things. She truly believes in the power of prayer and is willing to surrender her life to the One who already has it all planned out. Because of her example, I have always known that Jesus is the strongest rock to stand on and I will never forget her famous saying that “Jesus is your best friend.” She has faith in the goodness of people and never gives up on family no matter how far they stray. My grandma is the glue that holds the Griebels together because, she has shown us how important it is to put your faith in the right place.

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