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December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

In life you are given many extremely difficult. You have to take each challenge with a positive attitude and know through Christ you can conquer anything that enters your path. This is often very difficult for me to do, but whenever I feel something is too much to take I stop and think about my mom; the woman that has inspired me more than anything.

A little over three months ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. June 19, 2007 had officially become the worst day of my life. Up until this my mom had always been my hero, basically my everything. She did not have to say anything; I knew what the news was. I cried the whole entire ride home from Target in morrow to my house. Every time I looked at my mom I thought this is not real the doctors are wrong. My mom is gorgeous, skinny, fit, and all around beautiful. It was so hard to grasp she did not look, feel, or act sick, but yet had the meanest diesese of them all, cancer. After crying for hours I did what I always do just pretend that I have no problems and go my own way.

In three weeks we went on a family vacation. It was not until a fight with my step dad that I realized, I too, like my mom had to come to reality and face the fact my mom was sick, very sick. Two days after we returned home on July 17, 2007 my mom had a double mastectomy where the doctors removed both breast. When I visited my mom in the hospital it was the first time I saw her resemble someone sick. Even though the doctors said she would not be able to reach for days from being sore, I sat and watched her lift her water bottle, pick up a vase of flowers and walk a lap around the hospital. She is an incredibly strong woman. It took tow weeks for her to be back to normal. Finally the mean disease was gone.

Next, come comes chemotherapy, the stage our family is still conquering. To this day my mom had had two treatments. The first was easy. The second was much tougher. She has all treatments on Fridays. Saturdays she feels woozy and tired, but Sundays are awful. She has flu like symptoms; you can look at her and see the pain. She never complains though. Her hair is now all gone. It is the only reminder besides the sick days and doctor visits that she is sick. Even with the missing hair she is still the most beautiful woman I know.

My mom has two chemo treatments left and once those are done, we are! She has almost conquered her battle. She has stayed strong never letting it get her down and has refused to let it bring her down. She says God made this happen for a reason and it can only make us stronger as a family. This experience has helped me realize that my mom is the strongest, most beautiful, compassionate woman I know. These reasons and countless others have shown me my mom is my one and only true inspiration.

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