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One and only.....

July 14, 2011
By Amuhammd SILVER, Austell, Georgia
Amuhammd SILVER, Austell, Georgia
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Everyone has their own hero. the person they look up to.The person that inspired them to do something they never that they could accomplish. But if you have a hero like my mom, you know in your heart you can do anything.

some teens find their moms to be annoying, and invade their personal space. but a mom is so much more beneficial to your life, if you let her. She can be smart, caring and helpful in so many ways you wouldn't think.

that is why I chose my mom as my hero.In the times that I am down and feeling alone. and even when I am sick. My mom is there guiding me down the right path. Teaching me to grow up and be a strong successful African-American woman as i go through life.

my mom is best known for her lovely heart.Always willing to help others, and trying to do right by the people she loves. She wants to succeed in life, as well as me and my other sisters.

I want people to know who my hero is: the brave, strong and independent mother a girl could possibly have. My mom is my hero, but also my BEST FRIEND!

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