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An Average Person

January 5, 2008
By Anonymous

Looking through the articles in the Heroes section, I find many references to people who the authors knew personally. There are ten ordinary people written about for every activist or astronaut.

Those are the ordinary heroes, the ones who have never done anything truly astounding. They may not have lead any grand expeditions or saved anyone’s life; they certainly haven’t fought and killed any dragons like the heroes of epic fantasy.

They’re the kind of people would stay by a friend’s side or give a stranger some money. Some of them inspire a love of learning in others, while others choose to raise children. Others just contribute an idea, a spark of inspiration that will lead another create something better. You’d never notice them, unless you’re the one closest to them or the one they’ve helped.

They’re teachers, housewives, mothers, fathers, engineers, and maintenance men… The list goes on.

It’s their behavior that sets them apart from everyone else. You can spot one of them by their quiet courage and their perseverance. They aren’t doing what they do for fame or because others told them to; they do it out of a true desire to help. You can trust them to do whatever they believe to be right.

I don’t know many of them-or perhaps I simply haven't recognized them yet- and I don’t know what they have done.

However I do know this: they have made the world better by filling the lives of those around them with joy. Some of them have been recognized; others never will be.

I honor them, the people who will be forgotten and never mentioned in the textbooks of the future.

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