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There Once Was a Boy...

January 12, 2008
By Anonymous

There once was a boy Toby. He didn't fit in with of the rest of the kids at his school but he did know a lot about them. All he really wanted was for some of the kids to respect him and noot to treat him like a nobody.So he though going out for the basketball team would help him gain friends,respect,and confidence but he was wrong.A few weeks later when the results came back he had seen that he didn't make the team.The other guys say how much it meant to Toby because he started crying.They thought,Wow he has the guts to cry around use.Later that day some players on the team invited Toby to their practice.As Toby walked in the coach looked confused,he had a look like you didn't make the team so what are you here for.Toby didn't care he walked right in and set on the bleachers because all sport practices were open to the students of the school.As the coat coach shot the ball aiming for the hoop,he hit the pipe with was filled with heating fuel as the fuel poured out fires began to erupt.Toby got everyone out of the school and then he noticed someone was missing,the boy who invited him which was,Mark.Next thing you know someone was calling help but the firefighters hadn't got there yet.One of the teachers decided that they go in to save Mark but Toby said he had been to a Firefighters camp and he knew exactly how to get Mark out the fire without the protects gear.He ran into the front doors and headed towards Marks squeaky voice. He found Mark and immediately got him out of the school.The firefighters had then arrived and thet cerdified him a part time job down at the fire department. When he went back to school the next day everyone was talking,worshiping,and offering him things.Toby became known as the school leader and everyone got to know him and they liked him for him not for saving Marks life.

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