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January 13, 2008
By Anonymous

“I don’t really see myself as having a heroic life; I just go through my day trying to put others before myself.” She may not see herself as a hero, but I do. To me, she is a hero because of her hectic daily struggle to be an excellent mother. Everyday she battles with work, feeding a newborn, taking care of all three children, and her lack of sleep. Somehow, though, she manages to make it through each and every day as flawlessly as possible. “Melissa is the kind of person that always finds a way to help others. She always puts everyone else ahead of herself.” This is how her husband, Brett Wagner, would describe her.

Her name is Melissa, and her life hasn’t always been this busy. Before her days were filled with children, she was a teacher and a coach, but not anymore. Now that she has kids, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Though her days are lengthy, she always finds time for God. She is an extremely spiritual and godly woman who sets a marvelous example for many Christians. No matter how busy she is, she always has enough time for church. She talks with her hands a lot, and is an organized, intelligent person. Her house is always neat and tidy, except when the human-hurricane-boys play.
She wanted to have all boys because she loved sports, and wanted her children to love them too. When the right time came around, she started her family, in addition to her two stepdaughters, Phylicia and Logan. On February eleventh of 2003, her first child, Aaron Wagner, was born. Two years later on September nineteenth, Braydenn Wagner came into the world. Then, on October first of 2007, Coltenn Wagner arrived, completing the Wagner family. Now her extensive days are filled with business and hurry.
Every morning she wakes up from a sleepless night of feeding her baby at about five o’clock. She dresses her self in something modest and comfortable. Her short brown hair is down and curled under, then she proceeds with her morning. She wakes up the two older kids, feeds and dresses them, and then slowly trudges downstairs to her computer, at which she works from home. She works for a company that types out reports and exams from certain Doctor‘s offices.. Throughout her entire day, she must feed Coltenn every three hours, putting her on a fixed time-schedule.
Her slower paced afternoon starts with her at the computer working while the boys play quietly. Most of the time she can work non-stop, but Aaron loves to chat with his mommy. Finally, they are all ready for lunch. She and the boys all sit down to a healthy noontime meal. After all that, her night routine comes along.
While winding down from her exhausting day, she prepares for an awfully restless night. Only getting sleep in three hour intervals is easier said than done, but she does it with a smile on her face. She loves her children, and there is nothing within her power that she won’t accomplish for them. Finally, her loving husband comes home from work. She spends time with him and the kids while also taking time for dinner, feeding the baby, and baths for the kids. Then, she puts her children to sleep. She then can finally go rest. When the long night is over, her hectic day starts all over again.
I know you must be asking how I know this wonderful woman. Well, she is my stepmother and my guiding friend. She is always there when I need her, for anything. Whenever I need to talk to her about my problems, I know she will be there for me. She is a great example for anyone. She always puts others before herself and is an especially giving person. She wants her kids to grow up to be responsible, disciplined, and honest adults. She is a first-rate example and an excellent inspiration for any mother. In her words: “Every mother always wants to have control over what happens to their children, but sometimes you just have to let them learn on their own.” She is my inspiration and encouragement for everything I achieve, and I love her for that. She can take any busy, hectic, stressful days that come her way. She can master it all; therefore, she is “SUPERMOM!”

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