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War Sestina

April 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Bleeding souls unite in the war zone
Contained by the love of their country;
Men and women nervously avoiding death
Just trying to live another day
To go back home and see their family
Who pray for them every day and every night

Soldiers afraid to go to sleep at night
Because of the chance their fight for their country
Will end with a sudden midnight death.
They have to concentrate and stay in the zone
Or else that will be the very last day
They have a chance to call their family

Thinking about their children and family
Avoiding the temptation to zone
Out because this causes an untimely death
And possible disgrace to the country
That they dream about every single night.
These, the thoughts that distract them during the day

Will never leave them during the brightest day
Or even through the darkest of night.
In this appropriately named "danger zone"
Their only thought is fighting for the country
Where their husbands wives and family
Are safe from a soldiers worst fear, a war death

And for those who do experience this death
While in heaven, watch over loved ones at night
They are mourned over by their family
On a dark, rainy and gloomy day
The ones who died for their passion--their country
And fought til' the end in that hectic zone.

They hear of a soldiers honor in the zone
Of their love and commitment to their country
And how they battled evil during the day
And continued to fight demons at night
Of all they saw over there--the death
The coward soldiers, fleeing to family

But this zone is surrounded by anger, death
Where they fought during the day and during night
For their family, their friends, and their country.

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