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April 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Glenn, this man was the greatest person in the world. Sometimes he took care of me when I was ill. He was like one of my best friends. My grandpa and I would always play baseball or just hang out in the back yard. Out of all my friends I can say that he was the funniest, and he always put a smile on my face. Well in 2006 my best friend had past away. After that happened I just broke down. I was mad at myself for not hanging by him when he was sick. When he pasted away my whole life just broke down and I didn’t feel like doing anything. A couple days after he pasted I found a picture in my room and it was of me and him in my favorite place when I was a kid, which was McDonalds. This was weird because I don’t remember putting the picture in my room. Well anyways when it came to school everyone was just annoying and wouldn’t leave me alone. My grades dropped and I just didn’t care. But during half of the year I tried to do good. I knew he was going to help me and he did. I was actually a straight A student that year. I knew that he was watching over me and he was proud. I played football and it was the begging of the season and that year I dedicated it to him and got my number to his birthday which was very meaningful to me. That year was rough but I know that he helped me and I got through the pain. My pain was very deep but I knew my best friend wanted me to be happy. That’s what I call a best friend. Since then I havent had a best friend like my grandpa. That is why he is my hero.

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