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Great Grandmother

April 8, 2008
By Anonymous

About six moths ago, I had to leave my great gram's house and go back to placement at home for children in upstate, New York. When I left I knew how much it hurt my gram. When I went I was sad and I missed her.

She used to tell me don’t judge a book by its cover. Ever since I was little she told me the birds said so, but I never knew what she meant when she said that until about a month ago. You see when I first got to the group home I was doing really struggling because I had been there for three years off and on. During this time I couldn’t go on any home visits because my behavior was so bad so I was missing my gram more than anything. One day things got so bad the group home said they couldn’t handle me anymore, so I got sent to another placement downstate, New York.

“ The Birds Said So”

About a month ago I got into a little trouble at my new placement, and I was thinking about my gram and how much I knew she missed me and how I was hurting her by not being able to go home. As I was sitting there thinking about how she said the birds said so, I heard the birds outside and I sat there and listened. Then I knew what she was talking about. Grams was talking about how birds can sense when a person is lonely so they sing a song to make you feel better. As I listened to the birdsong I realized it was the same song my Grams used to sing to me. I picture her face, and I smile came to my heart.

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