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A Beating Box

May 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Every child experiences nightmares at some point in their life. It usually takes the comfort of a mom or dad to make them vanish. However, when a parent is not always around, alternative solutions to the problem can be created. The object that helped me overcome nightmares was nothing other than a simple box.

For as long as I can remember, my nighttime experiences sleeping weren't a walk in the park. Nightmares, or "bad dreams" as I called them, would terrorize me in a way that i wouldn't even want to sleep. Because my mom was frequently called in at night to go to work, it was my grandma that took great care of me and of my two brothers. If it weren't for my grandma's company, I probably would have never gotten even an ounce of sleep. In addition, since my mom was a nurse, she couldn't refuse checking in so late, but she dreaded leaving her frightened child behind, especially during the night. Nevertheless, I was in the best of hands: my "Granma Carmen's" hands.

My caring grandma was well aware of my sleeping dilemma, and she felt obligated to help me overcome it. I still remember the day that she brought with her that enchanted red box. According to Granma Carmen, this "sleeping box" was sure to do the trick in solving my problem. "Everytime you have a scary dream," she told me, "just flip open that box, listen to its beautiful melody, and relax." I thought it was awkward that a music box was supposed to help me, that is, until i opened it. The second I placed my small hands on that old magical red box to flip it open, I felt my soul take a dive into an ocean of tranquility. The gorgeous melody trapped in the box floated out like a genie coming out of its magical lamp, and spread its magic all over the room. There was no doubt that Granma Carmen had found the remedy to my annoying illness. The sweet and harmonizing orchestra had the power to put even the toughest man on Earth to sleep, so i decided to give it a chance.

That night, as usual, I woke up because of a nightmare. My body was sweating like a glass of cold water left out in a warm room. I could barely see anything in my huge dark room, but as I slowly looked around, I noticed something odd, yet incredible. The box my grandma had given me was glowing like a lone star in an empty universe. I remembered what my grandma had advised me, so i reached for it, flipped it open, and let its soothing vibes out into the atmosphere. I then listened to it, embraced it, absorbed it, and in no time, I had fallen into a profound sleep, with my grandma in my thoughts and a smile upon my face.

The music box Granma Carmen gave me that day still lies in a very special place in my room. I may not need it anymore, but the box has taken a special meaning in my life. Oh that box is much more than a music-producing object. It has become a memory, a soul, a spirit, a beating heart, a loving person; it means the world to me, now that Granma Carmen is no longer here.

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jessie_<3 said...
on Aug. 14 2008 at 6:17 pm
awww juan that was cute!

thats crazy, i didnt kno you liked to write...((nice story))