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Everything Might be Magic.

August 5, 2008
By Anonymous

They'll prove you wrong when you tell them that you don't believe in miracles. They spend their days wisely, stating that time is of no importance, but how you spend it always is. They repeat that to themselves with anything but an absent mind. They have the potential to be the strangest creatures that will ever cross one's path, but they choose not to be - they wouldn't want to scare their peers away.

Yesterday, however, was an exception. The bountifulness of their souls radiated from every step they took, emanating from them a luminosity that most people can only dream of having. Each echo of laughter and each movement of a finger caught the attention of any passerbys. They noticed a Dalmatian "or a half Dalmatian, rather" and they claimed that it would be the first pet they would buy when they turned eighteen, old enough to be considered an adult. Due to the unbroken promises of these three people, they were certain they indeed would be buying a canine much like the one they saw earlier.

The exercise block that their school provided was not enough. It was out of dissatisfaction, perhaps, that led them to run faster, laugh harder, to climb higher. The green grass underneath their feet shone with an unbelievably incredible perfection, one that could possibly be defined as divine. The suns rays beat down hard on them, yet that didn't seem to bother them. This place made almost steered them towards the feeling of carelessness. It was a feeling they all secretly yearned for, each of them wanting to endure it for different reasons.

They loved the adrenaline rush that accompanied them when they literally ran the red light due to their lack of proper patience, and they worshiped the comfort that was underwent as they lay strewn across the soft couches, emphasizing the carefree atmosphere surrounding the three of them.

That was a feeling that they never wished to escape.

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