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Mother: Jin L. MAG

By Anonymous

     Almost everyone will agree that moms are the greatest people on earth. They knew you before you even knew yourself and always seem to know what's best. I don't think I'm biased when I say my mom is the greatest person ever.

Born in China, for most of her life she endured the hardships of Communist rule, the chaos of the Culture Revolution and its propaganda. When she was finally able to leave China, she faced the difficult choice of leaving her 13-month-old daughter (me) with her parents. Little did she know it would be six years until we were reunited.

During that separation, she faced many hardships. She shares stories to teach me to be grateful for what I have because she had nothing when she came except her dreams. Nevertheless, the reality was not what dreamers had been taught to dream. The holder of a bachelor's degree in math in China, she was reduced to working in any Chinese restaurant that would hire her for minimal wages while studying at Wichita State for her Master's in computer programming. Despite the financial and language barriers, she did not give up her dream of a good life in America. It must have been hard to keep that dream alive, but for all that she has accomplished, she gives credit to Providence for being on her side.

Now that she has been blessed, finally, to find a good life in America, she has opened our house to any Chinese student alone in America, just as she was. Because she can relate to their feelings of loneliness, she helps them. Our phone is constantly ringing with someone asking her questions, or needing help with a problem at home or work. She is the busiest and happiest person you could meet. Without my mom, it's hard to imagine what the world would be like.

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