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By Anonymous

   Tony Hawk is, and probably always will be, the best skateboarder the sport has everseen. He's landed some ridiculous tricks, like the 900 degree maneuver in whichyou turn your body two and a half times while holding onto your skateboard, and a720 degree Varial, a trick where you and your board spin twice and landbackwards. These are two of the hardest tricks that may never be duplicated. Hehas also won many competitions and X Games events, which is one of, if not thebiggest, extreme sports event of all time. Not only has he landed some of thecraziest tricks ever and won many skateboarding events, but he even has a videogame named after him.

After all he's accomplished, you might think he'dact like a big shot, but he doesn't. He remains modest and courageous. He iscourageous because of the risks involved with skateboarding. Imagine falling tenfeet and landing on your back on a hot, rock-hard vertical ramp. Then think aboutdoing this almost every day. Tony is courageous because of his enormousenthusiasm for trying difficult tricks and putting his body on the line. If hefalls, he gets up and tries again. He will either land the trick or get injuredtrying. This spirit of dedication, his courage, and modesty are what I look forin a hero.

He is also my hero because he inspires me to be a betterskateboarder. If you ever see Tony Hawk skate you'd see how difficult his tricksare, and how much work he puts into skateboarding. The first day I saw him skateI knew I wanted to be good at skateboarding. Every time I get frustrated with atrick, or do not have the courage to try one, I think of how Tony Hawk startedjust like me. He never gave up working on tricks and this inspires me to keepgoing.

A hero is not always a big shot who roars he is the greatest, butsomeone who is modest, courageous and inspires you to improve at the things youlove. That is what a hero is in my eyes, and why Tony Hawk is mine.

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i love this so much!

MariaSweetie said...
on Sep. 6 2008 at 3:45 am
good job!