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Mother: Vicki K. MAG

By Anonymous

   The person I admire most is my mother. She has alwaysbeen there for me, and I don't know what I would do without her. She is reallybrave, raising her two girls that she had at a young age.

About a year agoI made a big mistake. I was supposed to be her little girl, but her little girlgot pregnant at age 17. Yes, of course, my mom yelled at me, and she had a rightto. I knew I was too young. I was still in school and I didn't have a job. My momthought she would end up raising my daughter. I argued with her, saying I coulddo it all, even though I knew it was going to be really hard.

At thatpoint, the baby's father wasn't involved in my life. All though my pregnancy Ihad problems and went to the doctor all the time. And do you know who was by myside the whole time? My mom. She knew what I was going through because she hadbeen there.

The doctors told me they were going to induce labor because Iwas retaining water. My wonderful mom was with me then, too. She sat next to mybed, telling me everything would be okay.

Twelve hours of labor went by,and my mom was still holding my hand. Every time she told me to push, I did. Ifinally gave birth to a baby girl, who weighed almost eight pounds. Oh, she wasso beautiful! I cried, and my mom cried. The first person to hold my daughter wasmy mom.

Today, my daughter is 14 months old. My mom watches her while I goto school and work. She helps me buy diapers and other supplies. I've grown upfast, and my mom has been through it all with me. I love her so much. Thank you,Mom!

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i love this so much!