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By Anonymous

   Robert Martin. You've probably never heardof him and probably will never meet him. I, on the other hand, haveknown him my whole life; he's been there for me every step of the way.There's no one big reason why he's my hero, it's all the little thingshe's done over the years.

He'll leave a meeting just to talk tome on the phone before I leave to go home with my mother. He tellseveryone he needs to hear my voice and know that I'm all right. Heattends all my sporting events, whether he has to get out of work early,take a vacation day to go to a tournament or get up at 5 a.m. onSaturday.

He also goes to all of my school events, and whetherI do well or poorly, he always sticks by me. My father is also my herobecause he doesn't just act like my best friend. He doesn't let me getaway with bad grades, instead he tells me when I have to try harder. Hedoesn't let me stay up all night and makes me go to school even when Idon't want to. He could easily give in and just be a friendly guy, but Idon't need a great buddy more than I need a father.

My father'simpact has built from the day I was born. If it weren't for hisinfluence I wouldn't be the person I am today.

After everythingmy father has done for me, I realize one more thing about him; he isn'tjust my hero - he's also my role model.

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i love this so much!