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The Greatest Hero of Them All

September 5, 2008
By Anonymous

All I remember is the sweet aroma of pecan pie and other sweets when I visit my Great Aunt Jewel’s house. She always made sure to have time to bake our favorite things when we came over. She was always easy to talk to and she never judges. Once, she even let me and my cousins go on her roof top and pretty much tear up her shingles while doing it. She always let us get away with anything and that is why I love her so much. But most of all she is caring and compassionate and she has been like this her whole life.

My Great Aunt Jewel is a one of a kind. She has done projects to sell for money so that she can then give the money to charities. She has fostered children that would otherwise have no one to turn to. She in other words is completely compassionate. A direct quote from her was,” I would give my shirt off my back to anyone who would need it.” She even helped my mom out when my mom and her siblings were about to go into foster care.

When my mom was younger she was living in a condemned house and they were about to go into foster care; therefore, my Great Aunt Jewel immediately packed up and went to take my mom and her siblings in. She did everything in her power to help them out when they couldn’t live with her anymore. She gave them clothes and hot meals. She always had and still does have her arms open to anyone she can help. Without her many lives would be different.

My Great Aunt Jewel is my hero simply because she is compassionate, hardworking, and loving. I think heroes are different in everyone’s eye. Some people might think Superman is a hero because he saves people’s lives and has super strength.
Others might think that real people who help people make their lives better are the biggest hero’s of all.

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