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My Greatest Gift

May 13, 2018
By catdu4 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
catdu4 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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My mom, Ann D., is special to me because she is trustworthy, loving, and generous. All my life, I have had my mom, and I must say she is one of my many blessings that I thank God for everyday. To start, my mother is very trustworthy. Anything and everything that I tell her, she knows is 100% confidential. When I hear rumors at school, whether they are true or not, I know I can always tell my mom.  Second, my mom is extremely loving. Her constant love for making dinner on time and making sure I have everything I need before really makes things easier. Last, my mother is the most generous person I have ever met.  She is always generously donating her time to me. No matter what my mom is doing she stops and helps me in any way possible.  One time my mom had to work really late, and I knew that she was tired, but she still helped me with my homework.  Ann D., my mom, is my greatest gift, and I will never forget her unparalleled ability to be trustworthy, loving, and generous. 

The author's comments:

I hope this article inspires people to understand that mothers are a great gift to the world. 

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