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Teens and Tattoos

February 2, 2012
By Caravana GOLD, Joplin, Missouri
Caravana GOLD, Joplin, Missouri
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Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through him who gives me strength."

Walking in my high school, many different groups gather in the hallways all of which have several different ways to express themselves, but it seems no matter what clique one thing is always of personal preference, tattoos.

“You want people to see the things that mean the most to you,” said Tierra, 18.
Tierra received her first tattoo at the age of 14 and now has three.
“I got one because my dad was getting a tattoo and I decided I wanted one too,” said Tierra
Tierra’s first tattoo was of a tiara on her foot she later got this covered up with a row of flowers. Her favorite is a tattoo saying ‘He walks with me’ located on her left foot.
“Its the only one that has meaning behind it, that no matter what your going through, God is always there with you,” said Tierra.
Tattoos have been around for years each and every person will personalize their tattoo creating a meaning all their own.

Brittany, 18, has three tattoos located on her back, neck and ankle. Each tattoo means something to Brittany.
“They’re something with meaning they’re not just at random they represent what my life runs on: family and God,” said Brittany, “I’m a Christian and I think that if I get something it should be something religious”
Over this past summer Brittany got all of her tattoos, her first tattoo was a cross on her ankle but her favorite tattoo is a Chinese symbol meaning family tattooed on her neck.
“It looks the best. And my family means everything to me,” said Brittany.

Kali got her first and only tattoo at age 17 on her foot and plans on getting more.

“I love them. They’re amazing and they show your personality,” said Kali.

Amanda, 17, has one tattoo located on her right shoulder of an owl on a tree and carved into the tree is her son's birthday.

“I got a tattoo to recognize my sons birth,” said Amanda, “I like owls a lot, my boyfriend and I have always called our son our little owl.”

Cailah, 18, has a total of ten tattoos in various places on her body her first tattoo is located on her leg.

“My first tattoo was my biggest. It’s of an angler fish with roses and the Japanese symbol for love,” said Cailah, “I designed it myself to represent how beautiful but at the same time how painful love can be.”

Cailah’s idea for her favorite tattoo started in her childhood.

“My favorite one has to be the Chesire cat on my hand because ever since I was little Alice in Wonderland was my favorite book and he was my favorite character,” said Cailah.

Cailah plans on getting more tattoos she believes tattoos are another form of art and tell a story of your life.

“To show how my life has progressed and what I’ve been through and who I am,” said Cailah.

Tattoos are highly debated on whether they may be right or wrong and are in many cases judged by others but Cailah has her own thoughts about tattoos.

“I get judged all the time. It’s really ignorant because I’m a good girl and it’s just sad that they would think bad of me because of how I look on the outside,” said Cailah.

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