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Lights, camera, action

March 1, 2012
By Caravana GOLD, Joplin, Missouri
Caravana GOLD, Joplin, Missouri
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TV Production students with a passion for film are working to achieve their dreams by filming for local news stations.
Sam Friskey, senior, has been involved with TV Production for three years and was the first of the group to be involved with filming outside of school. He has worked at KODE action 12 news for two years and is working his way to the top to pursue his love for film.
“I’ve always watched films from a different aspect, how they did shots and edited the film. I always wanted to be behind the scenes and make films that everyone will remember,” said Friskey. “I plan on pursuing a life long dream of going into to film and someday directing films that everyone can talk about and hopefully inspire them to do what they want to follow their dreams.”
Friskey works with the live newscast on the 5, 6, and 10 p.m. shows as a camera operator, audio operator, and sports photographer and is currently training to be a computer graphics operator and director. When they first begin work they have a basic job but as they progress they are given more duties. Ben Bainbridge, junior, just began work at KODE three months ago and has learned camera operator and teleprompter.
“It was more for fun in the beginning but I started to see films in a different way and became interested more than just a hobby,” said Bainbridge. “I’m someone who wants to do broadcasting, its something that comes easy to me and I really enjoy.”
Bainbridge will pursue his dreams by going to college for film and will finish his schooling in Colorado for art institutes. He is using his training at KODE as a way to explore different jobs and see how life will be after college.
“This job helps me realize the different jobs there are in broadcasting it takes more than just memorizing a script, it takes time to put everything together,” said Bainbridge.
Friskey sees this job as a way of getting into the world of filming, doing all he can to show his talent.
“It gives us experience in the broadcasting world, it’s a way to get your foot in the door,” said Friskey.
Luke Lenhart and Blake Putnam, seniors, have been part of TV Productions for three years and both work for KSN channel 16 news. They work the four, six and 10 evening shows on weekdays and the six and 10 evening shows on the weekends. Lenhart does teleprompter and is being trained on audio. Putnam works with cameras and learning computer graphics.
Putnam has been working at KSN for seven months and plans to pursue a career in film making short films and documentaries.
“I find a job sitting at a desk boring, with film I can go out, make videos and have the freedom to do what I want with my work,” said Putnam. “I like making videos filming them, putting them together, seeing how they turn out in the end and I like using my imagination.”
Lenhart enjoys film as a hobby and likes the freedom of film and making his thoughts become a reality. KSN supports their workers allowing them freedom as they learn new things and get to enjoy their job.
“I like seeing what I want come to life. If I get an idea in my head I can run with it and make that idea show on the screen. If you have an idea set in your mind no one can change that idea, its yours,” said Lenhart. “I like the freedom that we have at KSN, we get to learn a lot of new things and it’s not as strict a work environment you’re allowed to express yourself.”
Students find they can benefit from this job now and teaches responsibility at an early age.
“It’s a job I enjoy because I benefit from it and I’m around people I enjoy. I can take the responcibilty that this job gives me, one thing I have learned is that I have to be more time observant,” said Putnam.
A job in broadcasting not only helps you with experience in high school but will prepare students interested in going into film get experience for college.
“I went to a college visit recently and they informed me with this job in broadcasting I am already ahead of my class,” said Putnam.
Lenhart is going to pursue a career in firefighting but sees his job at KSN as preparation for the technology to come in the future.
“Anything that you do from now on is going to involve technology will help us in the long run,” said Lenhart.

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