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The jack d experiance

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Jack, age 18 has been in eight different bands. They have included metal, rock, rap, folk, and reggae. Jack never stays with one band, but Jack D’s bands’ have had creative names: The Oriental Terminators, Collateral Distortion, and 1NF1LTR8 (infiltrate).
Jack’s best selling band, ironically, is “The Jack Dailies.” In this band, Jack solos on the guitar and also performs killer vocals. Jack can play practically any instrument, because he has practiced for years, but he resides upon the guitar. The other member of this two person band is Nick S, age 18.
The band started as a bet. Max V, age 17 bet Jack and Nick they could not produce a whole album in one day. “It was the craziest thing that anyone had ever bet me on, I knew I could do it, I just needed to prove myself,” Jack says.
They won the bet, ending the day with 12 songs. They recorded 37 songs in their careers as musicians.
The Jack Dailies was a successful band and the name their album is “Sunshine Insanity,” which produced their hit song “Mother.”
“Our song Mother was pretty much the best song we’ve ever written. It was all improvised, and when it happened we sat back and thought, wow that just happened!” Jack says.
They made $300 from this album.
They used Nick’s room as their recording studio. Nick’s mom hated the loud noises coming from within his room, but they still managed to record two albums and a demo.
Occasionally, Nick would go out of the room, to eat, and Jack would use his time efficiently to record songs.
Nick says his greatest memory from “The Jack Daily’s” is. “When I got back in the room from my pizza that I had shared with my family, I remember Jack Daily was already done recording two brand new songs, it was phenomenal. I knew Jack was serious about this band, and I wasn’t going to let him down.”

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