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October 19, 2018
By red08 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
red08 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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I was going off a normal day. It was a Saturday, a day in which is commonly spent with family.

We were out on a family outing because that was the only day that was available to spend it like one. The other days were spent at home or at school while my parents worked from day to night.

We went to a place that is commonly visited by people. A place that is full of different types of people. A place where you could easily bump into someone you know.

We walked around from store to store sometimes buying one thing or sometimes none at all. I was asked to go to a store that I wanted and to buy whatever I please but of course with some limits.

“I can do this,” I thought. I asked my mom for the money and began taking a few steps. By then my family had started heading towards their new destination and I was on my own.

I took a few more steps, maybe more than a few. I really wasn’t sure. Suddenly, I had a bad feeling, but I kept walking.

I was halfway there when I started to look around. It felt like everyone was staring, it seemed like everyone was talking about me. I felt the air leave my body and suddenly I was gasping for air. Tears began forming in my eyes. I moved to the side near the railing, however that made it worse, after all, I am scared of heights. I looked around desperately trying to find a place to hide.

There it was, a restroom, it couldn’t be better. I walked fast towards it and I rapidly locked the stall. I stood there trying to catch my breath. Very slowly I regained my composure. Although I felt embarrassed I stepped out. I threw water at my face then, of course, dried it and walked towards the door. Once again headed to my destination.

"Maybe next time it will be better," I thought. 

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