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All about Rachael

May 19, 2009
By rachael kluth SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
rachael kluth SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Rachael lives in Wisconsin and has lived there all her life. She has one older brother, who currently goes to college at MATC. She is just an average girl; at first when you are around her, she tends to be very shy. If you get to know her, she’ll start to open up but always keeping things to herself. Starting off high school Rachael ran cross country, played basketball and soccer too. Sports are something that keeps her going, a way to release stress. Most always you will see Rachael out with friends or just sitting down reading a good book. She takes pride in the fact that she can read a whole book in one day, and that she still doesn’t consider herself a bookworm.
Summer is one of her favorite times of year, the fact that the weather is so nice, makes her happy. She enjoys just sitting outside all day long in her backyard getting a good tan. Summer nights are the perfect shorts and sweatshirt weather, her favorite weather by far. One day she will move to North Carolina and live in the best weather all year round, but for now she’ll have to settle for Wisconsin’s cold winters and hot summers.
Some people call Rachael weird because of things she does. She’s learned to ignore what other people think because she just doesn’t care anymore. The fact that she separates all the m&m’s and makes sure there is an even amount to eat, equally on each side of her mouth, with an even amount of colors. If that makes her weird, than she’s perfectly okay with that. She likes to surround herself with people like her so it makes her feel like she is the less weird one in most situations.
Rachael inspires to be two completely different things in her life. A communication journalist for one, she has always wanted to be that person on the radio that you hear every morning on 103.7. One day you will not only hear Wes, Rhaney, and Allie, but also Rachael, Rhaney, Wes, and Allie. The second potential career would be a lawyer, there is something about the way they get to have a problem, research it and solve it in trial form; like one big game of clue. It’s a huge goal, and one day you’ll see her doing something she loves.
Rachael enjoys listening to all kinds of music. She will listen to pretty much anything that sounds good, from alternative to country. Rarely ever do you not see her without her iPod or some sort of music, every morning you see Rachael in her bathroom getting ready for school with her iPod plugged into her Ideck on full blast! Her parents always get mad at her, but she can’t hear them anyways over the music. They don’t know that she uses there surround sound stereo when they aren’t home! Whoops!

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