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My Interior Monolouge

April 27, 2009
By Richie Cruz BRONZE, Parkland, Florida
Richie Cruz BRONZE, Parkland, Florida
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I need to write an interior monologue. Man, that sounds hard to write, but I guess it’ll be all right I mean, look, Ms. Cyrus gave us five minutes to do it. All right what have done before that’s interesting…hmmmm…wow it just dawned on me what a boring person I am. I refuse to believe I can’t think of anything. I’m usually really creative but it looks like I just can’t think of anything. I really should’ve checked the starting time to see how much time I have left; alright I guess I can talk about a fake story. I mean, I love telling stories. I just can’t think of anything this usually doesn’t happen. I can usually come up with a story the moment the need for one arises. Oh well, I guess I just got to keep thinking. The good news is that I think it’s been along time past five minutes and Ms. Cyrus hasn’t said anything. So I assume extra time has been given. Hmmm…I got it I’ll write an internal monologue about writing an internal monologue. HA!!! I’m a genius. And even better class is almost over so I have all day to think of another idea. Alright another idea what to do, what to do. This time I think I’m going to make something up I want to do something that involves some sort of suspense well not really suspense, but I do want the reader to be more inside the characters head well then let me think…hmmm…there’s got to be something let me check my paper what did I write. Let me see, preparing for a concert, sitting on the bench at the big game, and the spelling bee. Well let’s work with what we got. Alright the concert has some potential but I need to talk about something I know a little about, so the concert idea’s out. All right next is the sitting on the bench at the big game. Wow, the was a really vague idea, I mean, I didn’t even say what game I was playing in. that brings about another big problem I’ve never played a sport let alone play in a game, that reminds me I should been at Erin’s game. No wait, that’s off topic, alright what is the last idea, the spelling bee. I like it it’s not a bad idea there’s a lot of potential and besides it doesn’t matter if I like it or not, it’s the last idea otherwise I’ll have to think of an idea all over again. Well, spelling bee it is now let’s get to work.

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