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Ignore The Ghosts

January 29, 2011
By Anyalisse PLATINUM, Gering, Nebraska
Anyalisse PLATINUM, Gering, Nebraska
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Faces. All the faces, white and pale. Hooded and cloaked. White hands clawing, grabbing, hurting. Breath so cold, icy and dead. Red is everywhere. Pitter patter, splitter splatter doesn't matter. Doesn't matter!
Screaming, screaming never speaking always wailing. Wailing, screaming, waving, and slashing. Ignore the Ghosts, ignore their cries. Everything, everything, everything dies.
Does that mean me? Can I die right here right now surrounded by the Ghosts?
Don't think, just walk. Walking, walking never stopping. Screaming, screaming never speaking. Wailing, screaming, waving, and slashing. Red. Red. Red, red ,red. Like red rain. pitter patter, splitter splatter, doesn't matter doesn't matter! Running, running never stopping.
"I'm gonna tell on you." Giddy cruel voice.
Raven hair and where eyes should be...nothing.
"I'm gonna tell on you."Like someone pulled the skin over her eyes.
"I'm gonna tell on you." Little girl, so innocent...
"I'm gonna tell on you."
yet so dangerous.
"I'm gonna tell on you!"
Faces, faces all around. Screaming screaming never speaking. White hands clawing, grasping, hurting. Drowning, drowning, suffocating. Too close, too close! So cold. Cold breath. Freezing, aching, chilling.
Ignore the Ghosts, ignore their cries. Everything, everything, everything DIES!
Ghosts that scream, Demon lies. Everything, everything, everything dies.

Blackness all around but still the aching cold of the Ghost's breath and the stinging slice of their bony fingers. It lingers around the pitch blackness of a room that once seemed so welcoming. So friendly that I would let my gaurd down and sleep in it.
A deeper darkness seems to creep in from the corners of the room. inching closer and closer giving me that all too farmiliar feeling of suffocation.
I curl beneath the covers and fight the demons of my own imagination until the sun awaken the world again and banishes my evil thoughts back into the farthest reaches of my mind where they will stay.
Unil the sun sets and the shadows summon them again.
Did you ever notice how when you wake up from a bad dream, no matter how friendly your room looks, it always feels like there's something waiting to chomp you in half or just do something painful to you. You room could be painted pink and covered in yellow ducks and daisies and bunnies, but you still get that lingering feeling of danger.
The Darkness warps your version of reality and twists it into its own. That chair that you sat in by the fireplace to eat your supper becomes a hideous demon skulking in the corner of the room setting its beady little eyes on you.
It's not just that either. Darkness semms to silence everything. Even in a city like New York. If you're up at night you're thinking. Because it seems so quiet, but for some reason you always think the thoughts you don't want to think of. All the bad thoughts come at night.

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