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Who Am I?

January 20, 2012
By nolanje80 PLATINUM, Kalispell, Montana
nolanje80 PLATINUM, Kalispell, Montana
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Who am I?
I am Jessica N.

I was born in Clovis, California on September 11, 1996. I live with my dad (Adrian), my step-mom (Amber), my uncle (Luc), my sister (Misty), my four dogs (Angel Food Cupcake—German Sheppard/border collie mix, Tag-Along—Chihuahua, Lillie—boxer, and Ghost—Boxer) and my parrot (Andrew). My parents got a divorce when I was 3 ½ years old. I enjoy English and Biology. I read often and love to learn new things and teach through different ways of communication to different people.

Multiple Intelligence Indicator
My top multiple intelligence is Logical- Mathematical. This intelligence means that I have skills thinking about the relationships between objects and I am good at problem solving classifying info, doing controlled experiments, questioning and wondering about natural events and working with geometric shapes.
My second multiple intelligence is Verbal- Linguistics. This intelligence means that I can evaluate the meaning of words as well as the order of the words with great sensitivity. I have skills in reading, writing speaking and communicating with others. I can listen, explain, speak, write, tell stories, teach and remember info easily.
My last multiple intelligence is Bodily-Kinesthetic. This intelligence means that I learn better when I am moving or have hands-on learning experiences. I have great physical skill I am good at dancing/acting, and working with my hands. I often use body language when explaining things to other people and express my emotions through body movements, not verbal communication.

Learning Styles Inventory
This learning style means that I prefer to learn by being creative and use my imagination. I always of often organize my work and agenda in fun and creative ways. I search for different and new solutions to problems that no one else has thought of.
I write a lot on my free time and read all time. I often use “pretty” templates and pictures to “spice up” my documents. I use nicer looking notebook paper, notebooks and binders along with a very specific taste in clothing so that I am happy when I go to school.

Work Values
My top three work value results were Creativity, Personal Integrity, and Independence. The creativity applies to me because I am a very creative person in my daily life. I write and draw every day. The personal integrity applies to me because I have very high standards for myself and my friends. The independence applies to me because I am a very independent person. I spend time on my own and almost never ask for anyone else’s help.

What do I want?

I want to be in huge productions and have a large audience.
Monthly Budget Packet

Savings: $1,925
Housing: $1,441.98
Automobile: $ 741.76
Clothing: $ 250
Food: $5,433.84
Sundries: $ 569.41
Entertainment: $378
Vacations: $ 1,215
Child care: $ 2,400
Utilities: $624
I decided to live under this budget because I can afford it in the job that I want (actress). It suits the lifestyle that I want.

Career Clusters
My top 3 ccareer clusters were 1 (Arts, Audio/visual Technology and communications), 2 (Finance), and 3 (marketing).
Arts, Audio/visual technology and communications are a very creative ccareer cluster. It contains the numerous painting, acting, dancing, singing, music and other creative ccareers. It includes performing arts, audio and visual technology and film, visual arts, journalism and broadcasting, printing technology and telecommunications.
Finance is a very technical and money oriented ccareer cluster. It includes ccareers like accounting, economics, marketing, and retail marketing.
Marketing is a semi-creative, semi-business ccareer cluster. I could do marketing for any number of companies from McDonald’s or Wal-Mart.

Career Fair

I visited Brach Thompson (theatre producer), Jaimie Nelson (wedding photographer), Colette & Becky (pre-school teachers) and Logan Hutchins (pilot).
When I talked to Brach, I learned that I truly am interested in becoming an actress. I also learned that in auditions for the Big Fork Summer Playhouse, you must sing for 90 seconds and give a one minute monologue. The hours are long and hard. And we all must be willing to learn something new every day. Since the ccareer standards are changing every day, I will have a pretty good chance of getting hired if I am a good actress.

When I talked to Jaimie, I learned that being a photographer as a side job might be a good job for me. I learned that I need to talk a lot of business classes and learn how to use Photoshop. Competition is fierce in the job.

When I talked to Colette and Becky, I learned that I wasn’t as interested in childcare as I thought I was. I learned that you have to have a variety of communication skills to be successful. You have to have an Associates’ Degree. The schedule varies day to day. Competition isn’t too bad.

When I talked to Logan, I realized that I have a passion for wanting to fly. It seems like a very interesting job. And it pays pretty well too. He started having an interest in planes when he was 15(just like me) and had applied and been accepted to college before he was out of high school.

How Do I Get It?

Study Skills
When listening, 1. Focus on what is being said and making sense of it, 2. And think about it in a way that permits info to be recalled.
Here are a few listening techniques: don’t forget to remember (you need to know, important, this will be on the test- all examples of heads-up signs). Use abbreviations that you will understand (w/o, w/, %, #, +, vs.). Take note in outline form (roman numerals and letter and number). Copy info that you think is important during a discussion. Use different forms of outlines that you think works best. Pay attention to the end of the discussion, it’s usually the most important part. Ask questions.
Here are a few organization techniques: use pen when filling out documents and paperwork (not only is it permanent, it’s brighter and clearer and easier to read, a pencil is better suited for math and science). Highlight key points in the discussion or movies. Use one half of the paper to title the section, and the other half to write on. Only use the front of the paper, it’s easier to read, and it takes less time because you don’t have to flip back and forth. Omit small, unnecessary words. As long as you know what the note means, it works. Keep the meaning clear. Don’t make it flowery or “pretty” by adding unnecessary words. Double space everything so you have space to go back and add more notes if needed. NO PARAGRAPHS! Writing an organized paragraph wastes time and space. Write everything in chronological order. That way when you are looking for something, you know where it is. Here’s a good method to use when listening and taking notes: read once, twice, and then take notes. The first time you read it, just skim. The second time you read it, take notes as you go.

The most valuable learning experience from this class was learning how to budget things because I know that our economy isn’t doing very good and I need to be careful with how I spend my money in the future.
The least valuable experience from this class for me was the whole learning styles inventory unit. I don’t see how it will help me in the future.
The “Who Am I?” Unit will help me in the future because I got to know myself better.
The “What Do I Want?” Unit will help be in the future because I got to know what I want and why.
The “How Do I Get It?” Unit will help me in the future because it is helping me prioritize my goals and how to do things to achieve them.

The author's comments:
i wrote this fro my 21st century lit. class as a final project. comment, rate and tell me how i did!

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