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when some one help me

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

It was one of my hardest day for me that day the teacher gave us new math problems to do i din't understand the problems i feel so stuped, and nervious all the students in the class were dpoing their work ecept for me.The next thing i did is that i ask one of the members at my group if he could help me, he said that he din't undrerstanded neither, so i feel more nervious that i wanted to cray, because i though that the students were looking at me, because i didn't knew how to do the work.
then me and my partner ask the teacher if he could help us with the problems the teacher told us to try it one more time we try it one more time, but we still didn't understanded to the problems the teacher came by,and help us with some of the problems. I kind of understaned so i started doing my work. The next day the teacher gave us some problems similae to the ones from yesterday i kind of understand some of the problems that were in the test, so i feel safe, because i knew how to do the problems by my self.
After the test the teacher gave us a test of three questions i was happy, because i finally understanded to the problems i did all of them,and gave it to het teacher he grade my paper he told me that i missed one i was happy, because i only miss one of the problems i told the teacher thankyou for helping me understand the problems.

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