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a lover, a writer.

January 13, 2009
By Alvin Hall BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
Alvin Hall BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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What's it meen to be in love? One's soul, full of emotion, satisfied with this feeling. Or an on going melancholy? A heart twisting, bending, breaking. For most people nobody will ever understand the mysteries of love. As a lover, as a writer, I refuse to acknowledge that Ive been in love. It ends in heartache, that bending and breaking.

How do you substitute the feeling of being a lonely lover? Sufficing by being a below average writer. Each minute of each hour would be spent pondering on how to be a better lover, on how to be a better young man in general. However when he would have nobody to speak his thoughts to he would often induldge in writing, a self escape, writing would be his other half.

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