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About Mike

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Michael, pen name Rumplestilzkin, lives in Wisconsin and has for about 11 years and before that lived in Germany. He likes to play basketball and football, pretty much every sport except soccer and tennis because tennis he always hits it too hard and mostly right at the other player and soccer because it’s for field fairies. He has figured out he cannot sit still for more than about an hour because otherwise he starts to flip out. He likes to mess with people’s minds. He likes figuring out different ways to do so and he, a lot of the time, does. He also likes to say random stuff whenever he can. He says he could not live without music. He loves rap, Classic rock, and reggae he also listens to other stuff but he would rather listen to classic rock, rap, and reggae.

He was first introduced it writing in about 3rd grade and he didn’t think much of it and only wrote something when he really had to. He never after that wrote more than a few sentences until he became a junior in high school. Then he was forced to write journal entries everyday in his oasis class. He then started writing stuff whenever he just felt like it. He had tried a few times to write stuff but it had never worked until now.

He also has pretty bad anger problems and gets angry over the smallest things and usually if you get on his bad side he will hate you for life.

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Quan jr said...
on Sep. 6 2016 at 2:55 pm
i loved how you said that yous were writing some sentences in 3rd grade and all of a sudden you were inside the 11th grade. some advice would be to explain what happened over time in a fast pace narrative.