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understaning us

January 24, 2009
By tabby GOLD, Waverly, Ohio
tabby GOLD, Waverly, Ohio
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teen age days now are not the same i don't care what anyone says
the only poeple that can say it has canged is me us teens our self you
can take a step back and just read and listen to what i got to say listen
to any teens though and then you will understand
love life and more
well lets start
love well whats the meaning to that please tell me if anyone know cause i
look around and see poeple that say their in love and then they say that i'm not well than ya please tell me what is that meaning cause the last i checked
the word love had more than one meaning
love is the gental breeze and the stormie nights and so much more than that
just only if everyone would understand that it not that we hate adults and like to define them it just we like out freedom and our space like to try our things on our own to explore the world and to make our own meaning ot love and life and the rest well we will learn it also at the right time
just understand what were saying is what seems to get people adults confused their so much more to us teens than bad behavior and paries and fun fun fun cause along the way we learn more and more about life and no one seems to understand that let alone open their minds to the posablies of something good coming out of that deal that single thought it may sound crazy but let me a expalin
i'm a young 16 year old myself and i'll tell you every one of my thoughs if i have to to get you to open your mind to the ideal maybe it not always your teen maybe its the other and i leave it at that for you figure out
the "OTHERS"
i'm not saying its not your teen but when teens get in trouble and you don't know the deatil and only one story and it saying your teen started it your start planing their panishment when thats not the truth any ways

cause they are the people you should know but do you let along
do you even know your teen to trust them
or is it your not that close that scares you to let them go out and have their life i mean for real people adults
you use to be teens to and it seems like when you have your own your close all doors and windows and to me that when most teens become reblious and snick out and not listen just open the doos and they will talk to you moe than you think
i'm not saying to let your teen do wht ever they want but i'm not saying to shut the doors and not let them to do to much
trust me i'm a teen my self you as a adult or parten opening one door for your teen can open tons of doors open relationship with your teen them making new freinds enjoying them self
and learing about life
which is how it should be !

The author's comments:
i do more than poems i write about what i belive in and how somethings are right and some are wrong i write my thoughs always hoping it makesa diffance it makesa change and open new door and chances for other and for other to open their minds and just let their thoughts wounder cause when it does it makes it easier it opens up a new world and to me its aall i got my thoughts and things past though my writing hopefully one day it will have a chance to be shown to the world and it to open so many doors to so many poeple

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