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August 29, 2016
By pineappler03 SILVER, Waterford, Connecticut
pineappler03 SILVER, Waterford, Connecticut
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Biting my lip, I glance at the door for the third time.

I hope he doesn’t get too mad that this took a little more time than expected.

Focusing my eyes back on the girl cramming packages into a bag, I pull out my wallet.

“It’s super sweet of you buying presents for your family,” she chirps, while pressing the reaming package into a thin bag.

“Anyway the total is forty-two dollars,” she announces, pausing a moment to drive the last of her grin back into a line.

I start counting as if looking for a specific straw of hay within a very large pile of hay, “Thirty-nine...forty...forty-one.”

Oh no! What am I going to do? Forty-one dollars isn’t enough money!

Time, presses pause on my show, as reality continues to swarm around me. Fumbling with my pockets, a rigid tongue curls inward searching for a non existing script.

“Mam, you're holding up the line,” the girl hisses as her feet tap the floor in a snail like manner.

Pressing a cane into the waxy floor, the women behind me hunts through her purse, as she offers me an emerald wrapper to add to the collection.

“Omg! Thank you so much, Mam,” I wheeze while accepting the gift from a wrinkled hand.

“Happy Holidays,” she repiles, as the storm inside flee along with the self made windburn on my cheeks.

The author's comments:

This type of writing displayed here is called a vignette. It's basically the telling of a memory through a small snap shot of writing. Almost like taking a picture then writing a small paper on what is happening with in that picture. You tell the memory, but through the writiers experience. I decided to try a vignette with a  the memory that taught me about the power of kindess. I hope through my eyes tis inspires other young writier to try writing a vignette, and find the chance to do small acts of kindness once in a while. 

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