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parked car

April 14, 2009
By bradley newcomer BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
bradley newcomer BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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It was noon on the first Wednesday of the month. It was a very hot day. I was with my friend, Eric, and he had to go home and eat. So, I said, “Bye.”
I said, “Peace, and I will meet up with you later.”
So, he said, “That he would meat up with me later.” So, he left and I started to go home. I was on my way home and I thought that I would take the short way home. I road past Stibbie’s house and kept biking. I thought that I would take my time than I was about half way home and it was getting hotter and hotter! So, I started biking faster.

After I was going really fast I thought that I would go home and go swimming. By now it was about 12:30 and I should have been home in 10 min. Then, I was going down this big hill that was on the way to my house. All of a sudden the siren went of! I did not know what it meant at first so I looked back to see if I could see anything. I was already all sweaty from biking. And than I looked in front of me. There was a parked car.

Just before I hit it everything just kind of slowed down. I started to prepare myself for the conclusion. I tried to hit the breaks but I forgot that they did not work. I knew this was not going to be pretty! Than I hit the car. I heard a thump and then I slid over the top of this car. I did not know what to do. And then I hit the ground. Than all I heard after that was the car alarm. I did not know what to do.

So I got up and grabbed my bike and started to bike off. Than I heard some guys come out and start yelling. I knew that he would never catch me so I was biking as fast as I can. I heard a car start and I thought that it was following me. But, it was not the car that I hit. By now I was all sweaty and bloody. I had so many cuts on my body. These cuts hurt so badly! I knew that the guy would stop chasing me if I cut through Washington Park. So, I did. And he stopped chasing me.
I got home and my mom was wondering what happened to me. I did not want to tell her the truth because she would make me go back and talk to the guy. I am not good at that kind of stuff. So, I told her that I fell off my bike. She believed me and everything was good.

The next day I went by the car that I ran into and looked at it. It had a big dent in the side. My body still ached from the day before. The guy came out and I continued biking. I never did tell my parents what I did that day. One good thing came out of running into a parked car. Watch out where you are biking and always look out for parked cars and moving cars otherwise you will be hurting the next day!

The only thing that I regret from what I did is telling my friends. Ever since I told them that I ran into a car they have been making fun of me! I said to the guys,” Stop!” But they never stop!!
Sometimes it gets annoying but I got used to it. But I say,” Who cares it was a fun time!”

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