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Break Up Vs. Life

December 22, 2019
By Upasana_ghosh004 GOLD, Serampur, Other
Upasana_ghosh004 GOLD, Serampur, Other
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Ever experienced a breakup? Many would have and even moved on from that...However it's tough right?

I myself had a boyfriend. He was like the world to me. My day started and my day ended with him. His thoughts, his words, his laugh, his handsome black eyes and everything....I loved everything about him in a great deal. But when he broke up with me, I felt the world crashing. My eyes were covered with tears, my makeup everything messed up within me from the exterior as well as the interior. Then I thought that one day he will regret leaving me and I have to make it so...Then I decided to take up a job. I was educated and a good student in my childhood. After he saw my name on the newspaper, he called me saying that he wants to patch-up. I told him 1 last sentence "I hate you", and hanged up the phone.

Guys and friends, when a relationship gets over, everyone thinks that it's the dead end. However I would also like to tell that A DEAD END is not always the END. A Dead End means THE DEATH OF AN END AND THE BIRTH OF A CONTINUATION. Every student or a working person who thinks that bothering about a breakup is less tiring, they should also not forget that putting a daily impact on their work lives and student life is the beginning of their end. Student Life determines your work life and work life determines your future career. Putting an impact on your present regarding a breakup can doom your future. I don't know the feelings of my boyfriend till date, did he really love me or not at that point of time, but I left my thoughts and my feelings over that time. Love comes from the brain and manifests it into the heart. Controlling our brain is to control our emotion. After a breakup, let your emotions run dry., like cry out to your heart's content, throw things, do a daily workout. But don't try to get over your broken relationship with a new one. Moving on will be hard, no in fact it's very hard, but you can do it.

Love is very emotional. Sometimes it wants to make us laugh, sometimes it wants to make us cry, and sometimes it just gets us mad. Yes, sometimes it is very irritating and sometimes it is very happy. We love to love. Having someone to support you through thick and thin makes you very happy. But after a breakup, ask your heart a simple question, “Was that person good for you?" or, “Is it good that we broke up?" Because the love was manifested in your heart, your heart will never lie. When you suffer a breakup, do either of the following things:-

Let your emotions run dry...Cry, be hysterical, be moody do exercise or a daily workout, do everything that satisfies you.

Never give up on love...Your love failed, that doesn't mean that your next love will do the same. However, don't try to overcome your breakup with a new, loveless relationship.

Try to share your burdens with someone you trust the most. It can be your sibling, your parents, your best friend or your cousin.

Try refreshing your minds. Listen to energetic songs, arrange for picnics or a party with your close friends.

Now, let's get into the main topic of our article. Never release your anger, sadness or depression over a breakup on your work life or personal life. Try to be normal as much as you can. It is hard to be normal after breaking up from an intimate relationship, but once you have become normal you shall find your world and universe automatically coming in their old place. However, if we give up thinking that we can't move on, then that is the worst side we shall discover in us. Loving ourselves is the perfection of art in mankind. If we don't love ourselves, we can never love our family, friends, and people who care for us from the bottom of our hearts.

Hope that this will be some kind of consolation for girls and boys who recently suffered a breakup. Always remember that the greatest power of success and moving on lies within you and only you. Good Luck :)

The author's comments:

I recently broke up with my boyfriend. To overcome my pain, I shared the consolation I gave to myself to all heartbroken girls and boys here, who recently suffered a breakup. I used to love my boyfriend very much...but at the end he chose himself than his love. He didn't fight for his love, he bowed down to his self-esteem.

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