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Breakup Letter

September 17, 2021
By Logannye1 BRONZE, Maumee, Ohio
Logannye1 BRONZE, Maumee, Ohio
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Dear Former Boss,

When I first started working for you it was really fun, I actually looked forward to going to work because it was such a fun environment.  Now though you have let it become extremely toxic.  It is no longer fun to be at work because you decided to change the way people act and how we talk to each other in the workplace.  Now being at work is just mentally and emotionally draining, it is extremely tasking to get through a shift when it is an extremely tough place to work.  All these problems at work are your fault and you have to start to accept that.

Essentially when you basically doubled the amount of work we have to do it made everyone extremely angry.  No one wants to do all of this extra work that we don’t even have time to do, especially when you are never actually here to do some of the work yourself.  Considering you didn’t even raise anyones pay for all this extra work we were doing says a lot about your character and who you really are.  It wouldn't even be so bad if you were here to help us out but instead you choose to sit at home and do nothing while we are stressing out over trying to keep your business running.  It took the restaurant almost getting shut down for you to finally come to the store and actually put some work in.  Quite frankly the biggest problem with the store is you and how lazily you run the store.

Another issue I have is when you finally do show up you change things and don’t tell anyone.  Sometimes there is new equipment or a new way you want us to do something but then you don’t tell anyone.   You then get mad at people when things aren’t done your way even though you're the only person who knows your way.  You have become so lazy that you don’t even do the job interviews anymore.  You either just don’t look at the applications or you have one of the managers do it which is extremely unfair to them because they don’t even make the choice if the person gets hired or not.  I don’t know why over the last couple of months you have changed the way you run the show, but it is beyond frustrating and I just can’t take it anymore.

One other issue I have with you is how you treat some of the workers.  You ignore workers all the time.  It is extremely rude and very unprofessional.  Sometimes when we need some extra help we ask you and we never hear back from you.  For some reason after 8 you never respond to anybody.  You cannot do that when your store is still open.  What if we had a huge problem, you would have no idea because you never check your phone.  Also sometimes you just talk down to people and act like you're better than them which is incredibly rude.

I am done with this store.  Quite frankly you don’t even deserve to own a store because of how lazy you are.  I'm surprised it is still open.  I’m quitting and I am not coming back so don’t even bother trying to convince me to stay or come back.  Good luck with the store because your going to need it.



The author's comments:

This is about my personal experience at my first job that I had.

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